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Worthless Support



  • Beheler001

    Yep once again request 278156 was deleted. To fix issues and add days to the account. The person or people are worthless twits without the w. Wow really, work harder to avoid issues, than work with people. To resolve issues. Especially if they are paying for services. Get real, fix it get someone that will.

  • Beheler001

    Now request 279393 is being ignored. Let's when it gets deleted.

  • Beheler001

    Just as i figured, the a whole f' up support deleted request 279393. People start flooding this peice of sh!t app/support with request to fix the F'in problems........

  • Twocutebabe26

    I agree, I have been asking them to add the months back to my account since it has not worked in months.. Also have been told that someone would call me ( Never received any call) The issues remain un resolved!! 


  • Beheler001

    284017 request was replaced with this B.S.


    TheTruthSpy Support Site  My activities

    [TheTruth​] - Need to discount code before payment?

    Beheler0013 hours ago

    Add more days

    Support Team1 hour ago

    Hello Beheler001,
    Please read the below info, if it does not work, please reply to this email after successful payment, we will manually add 30% of days to your account manually (for example,e making a 1-month package we will add 10 days more).

    You can use this code:
    COVID19for a discount of 30% - available until the end of the year 2022.
    You can find some discount codes at our forum where our sales team and affiliate guys post every month about the discount...
    Easily visit our forum or support sites and then go to sessions such as "reseller", "affiliate" or search with the same keywords.
    Notes: In case the above code does not work, please make the purchase, and reply to this email, and then we can add 30% of the package you paid for.
    Best regards,

    TheTruth Support Team

    Support & FAQ site:
    Support & Billing team:
    Must-read link:

    Beheler001in a few seconds

    Add more, day, quit deleting request. Plus changing subject line. ADD MORE DAYS! To verify all issues are resolved. The payment, could be arrange.

  • Dizzydottie74

    This service is terrible now. Not that it was all great before, but now you can't get help for anything. I'm going to a different service

  • Beheler001

    @Dizzydottie74 Let me know where yo went. I will try a new site.


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