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Problem with ambient voice recording , Phone call recording



  • Donnabiderman

    I need someone to get back to me with how I can get this problem resolved. I use to have ambience and call recording. I updated for. Year I paid just on $300 Au dollars and have nothing I have checked everything on my end. Someone please get back to me or I would like a refund of my money and will go somewhere else that is more reliable and honest. It’s not the way you do business so ensure someone gets back to me or send through a refund please.

  • Myhay

    I also sent a message with some days ago  to which I did not receive any answer, in which I informed you that after I paid for a few days, nothing worked, no audio, no ambient voice recording, it did not record the phone data, nothing received. It worked well (with small interruptions) between 17.06-21.06. 2022. Today nothing works, nothing is heard, nothing is recorded conversation. What happened? It's not   a problem  with my devices since it worked for a few days, what settings did you make? Nothing works on the  phone and I have a good phone.
     The app instaled  is on  a Huawei 10 andoid. So if it worked, something happened to your server. 


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