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Nothing is Working



  • beth.motorhome

    I woke up to nothing on my account.   no devices   no account.  license gone...   I have not idea what is going on but pissed off. 

  • Sonya Maheu

    Right? Me too! I understand issues with ambient voice being messed up. But come on. They need to get it up and running. I pay alot for this service.

  • Jannadulaney

    I am having the same problem it is all wiped out

  • Joan

    I'm having the same problem too...

  • SpyAppQueen

    Same problem! I renewed my subscription last night and everything was working great when I went to bed, woke up and I have absolutely NOTHING on my account! I’m extremely livid about this situation! Not only is the ambient recording not working (hasn’t been working for me since 2020 started cuz I haven’t been able to get the target phone in order to update the app. But really, the tech’s should be able to automatically update the app just like any other app manufacturer can... 🤨🤷🏽‍♀️) but now I have no device listed and no account information!

  • beth.motorhome

    mine is fixed finally    still no ambient.  said next week last week.  

  • Adam Hirsch

    as of 11ish PM eastern time in the US 05/05 ambient has begun working. however not correctly. sometimes it records and other times it does not. you cannot listen while it records. i still wish the date/time stamp would reflect the target phone. i don't know what time zone it is.

  • Adam Hirsch

    Service is so unreliable. Everyday Ambient Voice Recording is either working or not working. Sometimes it only works for 1 minute 30 seconds then you have to start / stop the service.

    I sent them a list of all their other issues two weeks ago but nothing has been done.

    Ambient Voice Recording is not working like it used to. You have to start and stop it a few times before it begins recording. You can no longer listen to the sound during the recording. This requires you to stop and listening. In other words it is not streaming.

    Meanwhile nothing many other features are either not working or are still buggy as I had reported four days ago. Below are the things I previously reported.

    Here is a list of bugs or issues I have found. I have used the Android Lost app for years. They have some really cool features that you might want to add to your list. Their app is free. The best feature your app has is the Ambient Voice Recording. You might consider having some features for free and some for premium.

    GPS History - When you click the "Get GPS Now" button, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Eventually it works after so many minutes of trying. In other words, it seems to update when it wants and not when I actually press the button. Clicking on a location from my phone does not work but it does work from my computer.

    SMS History - This works but not for other apps like Google Voice.

    Call History - How is it possible to have some calls appear at the same date and time?

    URL History - Has stopped working since the Ambient Voice Recording stopped. Is there a connection or just coincidence?

    Contact History - What does Contact History actually do? I have not figured this one out.

    Photo History - Photos appear when target user takes a picture but the "Take a Photo Now" button does not work at all regardless of front or back camera. The message asks you to confirm then tells you to wait 15 seconds but nothing appears. Would be nice to have a Date / Time stamp and GPS location of the photo taken.

    Application Usage History - Has stopped working since the Ambient Voice Recording stopped. Is there a connection or just coincidence?

    Phone Call Recording - All I ever get is the ringing of the call then the recording stops as soon as someone picks up. Sometimes I hear "Hello" and then the recording ends.

    Ambient Voice Recording - You already know is not working. The following message is wrong. First of all do I type it as is with the brackets <> or not. I have tried it with and without the <>. Either way it does nothing. The message says it will not show on the target device but it does. "If it does not work, after pressing button 'Start' please compose a SMS with content <*#1005> and send to target device. (It will not show on that device. If you are testing on your device you can send it yourself)"

    Key Logger History - Seems to work for Facebook Messenger but nothing else. A real key logger records every keystroke regardless of the app.

    The other features require rooting the phone which I did not do, so I could not test them.

    Date / Time stamps are confusing. I don't know what time zone they are using. Sometimes it is the Date / Time of the target phone sometimes it is the Date / Time of my computer or phone and sometimes it is a totally unrelated Date / Time. All Date / Time stamps should be consistent for all features. If I may suggest using the target phone as the reference if possible.

    When Syncing the device. GPS Interval and Distance Filter are not working.

    Feature request:
    Check Connection - Could we have an indicator to tell us if the target device is currently charging or not.
    Check Connection - Ability to enable or disable wifi on the device.
    Check Connection or other appropriate place - Ability to sound an alarm in case we are trying to locate a lost phone.
    Photo History - Would be nice to have a Date / Time stamp and GPS location of the photo taken.

    I am using a Windows 10 laptop and Android 9 phone running on a Samsung 8 phone.
    The target phone is a Samsung 8 Plus running Android 9.

    I am just passing this along in the hopes of you improving your product. I would appreciate a response to each of the above.


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