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ambient recording



  • Pursiab

    Yes...I had that problem for the good part of yesterday, then it seemed to work overnight, but again today it says its recording and says that it's over at the 20 min mark as normal, but I am not receiving any data.  I'm so disappointed because for a good month now it has basically been working perfectly and I was so happy because it's the only reason I pay for this service.  I am not happy at all that once again there are issues.  I feel I'm getting ripped off not having the use of what I pay for.  Why is it so hard to keep it working smoothly?

  • beth.motorhome

    I know what you mean.  last time it was at a time when I really needed it. And today is another day that it's very important.  and nothing.  I am the same.  The ambient is the reason I buy it every month.

    Well,  I missed the crucial time. At least we got a credit for last months.  it was down a long tiim

  • webtools

    I use this aminet recorrding, Ambient recording is the ability to remotely switch on a mobile's microphone, and start recording the sound picked up.  Cyber Ghost Coupon Code   helps to change your IP address so you can easily access the website which is ban in a particular region or country.


  • beth.motorhome


    What does this do?  I am not sure if I need it.  I am having problems with Truth Spy ambient.  was awesome for days recording the live stream.  and also downloading.  Now I can't do anything.  say's its recording but it doesnt leave data.



  • Ophelie Ophely

    For me impossible to delete ambient recording, so impossible to start another one, what can I do ??

  • beth.motorhome

    I know right?     wtf is going on.  I cant delete or export any ambient.  It's only the ambient giving me trouble.  THE ONLY REASON I WANTED THIS APP


  • Deardearstid

    Same issue cant delete ambient histroy it shows delete ambient failed cant start new recording also wat to do


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