• Winter Novak

    What exactly is that?

  • Amy Monti

    Voice to skull. They came to my home implanted me. When i listened to the ambient recording, thia company made me believe my spouse was cheating on me, poisoning me, etc. I debunked them and found out all they said was not true. How long have you used this website for?

  • Lily

    Are you serious? Could you hear your husband talking?

  • Amy Monti

    I am dead serious. Yes they used his voice print off my prior recordings. Are you using this website, and for how long?

  • Brenda Tetidrick

    what?   I don t understand. sure it wasn't just suspicion taking over and wrecking havoc?



  • Amy Monti

    I'm positive. This company has illegal code that tracks down your fb page and uses it without your permission too. There will be a lawsuit. An IT guy told me this companis LLC is fake, contact info is fake, and yes they v2k some of thEirik customers.

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