• Joan

    I have exactly the same problem. I reported today to the support team but haven’t receive any answer yet!

  • Monceauxterry

    Yes I did the same thing

  • Rotential

    I have a similar problem as well!


  • Dizzydottie74

    I sent them a critical message early today and haven't heard back.  I will update here if I do get an answer

  • Dizzydottie74

    I just went to log in and a message popped up on the sign in screen.  It states they are doing some kind of website maintenance and some accounts will not show target devices during that time and that they will send a another message once it is done.  It's been all day, but I wanted to let everyone know that may be why it's affecting your accounts as well

  • Joan

    Thanks I log into my account and the same messaged popped up to me. But it seems like the device has already been restored also. Will check again once the maintenance is finished

  • Amy Monti

    Do you have v2k after using this website?

  • Tjmonceaux21

    I use to have it but it now said I don't have one

  • Lily

    What exactly is v2k

  • Amy Monti

    They implant a nanotechnology serum in you, which is controlled by satilites. They implant voice implants just past the ear drum. I have had 1 implant removed. BCA has is. I'm not kidding it's real, and this company did this to me. Alot of people have v2k now days. It's sad, and terroristic.

  • Amy Monti

    Be careful when using these websites. My detective said shady people run them, and that this is considered the dark web in the open. You target someone, they will target you right back.

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