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Auto call



  • Randybarrett1973

    Damn! 11days later... did u ever get answers from tech support or Admin.?

  • Patrick Seif

    So there is no auto answer feature anymore??

  • Randybarrett1973

    Unfortunately this app falls under the qleche' of 'you get what you pay for' I went thru 3 before finally saying "what the hell" & paying for FlexiSpy. It is a bit more expensive(up front) & like most of these out of country based companies, it does have some 'possible' issues, like compatibility with some phones, tech support is not the greatest, but if you get on their ass hard enough, they'll fix whtever issues you run into. Cause I've expressed v very strongly that i demand to get service expected & promised as advertised cause i do expected to get what i paid for at that price.
    All in all, for the money & features.... in my opinion, could be better, but i don't the difficulty in extracting this much stuff from another phone & im sure it takes some skills, so i cant complain when everything is working properly.


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