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Data wiped before i could see it.



  • Support Team

    Dear Conan,

    Maybe the data was deleted due to cleaning up data every bi-week. Special the data are media data including picture, ambient voice record, phone call recording, notes... Next time you should frequently export the data to your PC/Desktop for backup. Our policy is not keep the data for a long time. (Please reference the data policy is here

    Do not worry, it is OLD data. New data will be captured and you will see it normally.

    For more reference, you can with other reasons why your account has no data: or you can have references at support site with FAQ, knowledge-bases and troubleshooting.

    Any questions please send us an email at and we will reply as soon as possible.

    Best regards,


  • Rubyslanding2

    It would really be NICE to export data before you wipe files. I am a new customer. I exported media files today BUT the attachment showed no data. I need to have these files saved and have access to them. PLEASE do NOT wipe media files on my account until this issue is resolved.


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