Can't syncronnise from one moment today?



  • Rowan Mildred

    I am not getting sync either

  • Goddessofloveforyou

    I havent had data for days now. Left several messages and no reply. Thinking i will be going else where when my licenses is up. Havent been able to use ambient sound either.

  • Actonmj1

    Mine stopped syncing 24 hours ago

  • Goddessofloveforyou

    I am getting super annoyed that no one is answering me. I am canadian and therefor this app is not cheap for me by any means. The least they could do is explain why its not working and if they are fixing it.

  • Actonmj1

    not working, still no response from request sent several days ago...

    Guess I should switch to one of the more expensive options.

  • Goddessofloveforyou

    Did anyone ever get theirs back up and running or did we just get screwed out of money?

  • Actonmj1

    Apparently we just got screwed. It's been a week now and still no update or response from tech support. I saw where someone had received a response listing the possible reasons for the issue, but none of those applied as it was working when installed and i have had possession of the target phone since. Also no response for my refund request. 

  • ratg

    it's time waste and money waste app....nothing will happen there except of call history and massages...

    i wasted my money of $30.   pls dont buy this help and no reply from last three days...

    all these works good with only rooted devices...will get the same like apps for even fro 6 dollers also...

    pls dont waste time and support and no..refund....all is spam...

  • Goddessofloveforyou

    I am going to attempt to post what happened to us everywhere i can so no one gets screwed like us.

  • Johnnysubsea

    Please do post it everywhere so these frauds don't catch others.

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