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Stopped working message but keeps syncing data, Only Ambient Voice Recording not working.



  • Ambrc88

    Same issue herr

  • icici.mohansingh

    SAME PROBLEM. They just send check if the target device has internet connection or not. The target device has internet connection thats why the Synchronizing is happening and the data is being update every 30 mins. Its when I want to send a request for GET GPS NOW and Ambient Voice Recording nothing happens. This is the PUSH commands that are sent to the device via the internet and the device should respond. There should be a problem with the sending of the request from TheTruthSpy server to the App on the device or its sending properly and the App is not recognizing or not responding to the requests. I would categorize the problem as follows:


    1. PUSH command not sent properly from server to App(Like the format of PUSH command: Account ID, Device ID, Command ID).

    2. PUSH command sent but the App does not respond properly.

    3. PUSH command sent but the App discards the command.

    Please Technical Support, resolve this issue as the info required is very valuable to everyone using your services.

  • Shelby Sailor

    I'm having the exact same issue. Mine started when I let my license expire forn1 day and neither ambient recording not GET GPS NOW have worked since but everything else works just fine.'


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