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Is compatible with iOS 11?


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  • Support Team

    No no, you do not install an app on your phone. Only install an app on your child's phone (like you did with the android device).

    TheTruthSpy app does require a jailbreak on your child's iOS device.  Therefore it is not compatible with iOS 11 since there is no full jailbreak available past iOS 9.0.2. (so far this time Nov-2017).  

    You sign in to view data logs on your panel with iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows PC or Mac Computer....

    So far we have an app called 'TTS Monitor' to be installed on YOUR phone for you to view the data logs.  But it was not updated for a long time and fewer features.  So the best is you should use user control site (link to view the log.

    Any updates about 'server' app I will write here.



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