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How to do a synchronize immediately



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    Support Team

    just login with your account (at user control panel) and then go to menu 'Settings' and click 'Sync Settings' menu, you will see a button 'Save & Sync Now'.

    Click on above button to do a synchronize immediately, but please remember that it will be 'immediate' when the target device has internet connection at that time.  If not you must wait...

    Joe Allen

  • Tuluceanu Marian

    i try 


    not working

  • Tuluceanu Marian

    I write this for 3 time >


    I reboot the target phone

    The target phone is full connected to internet

    The app is not removed

    This program works 1 single first day only

    synchronized last update Thursday, March 1, 2018 12:44:35 PM   and stop working



    you write the same shit for 4 time >


    Joe Allen (Support Team)

    In order to check why your account did not sync, maybe due to one of the reasons as follows:
    1. The app hangs or stuck, so if you have a chance to reboot the target device, please do it.
    Or, maybe you should wait until the device has no battery and it will automatically reboot when it was plugged into a charger.
    2. The target device had no internet connection.
    Try to check if it has an internet connection. It is not necessary to have internet connection always but it should have sometime per day to do synchronization.
    3. The app was removed from the device.
    Removing, or uninstalling the app by someone else, make the synchronization will not occur anymore.
    If you have a chance to keep the device in your hand, can you try to show the app to make sure? How to show/hide you can see here:
    4. The device was turned off.
    The phone/device was turned off due to no battery or target user did it. Of course, the app does not work in this case.
    So, first try to reboot the device in case you have a chance.





  • Winter Novak

    I want a refund. I don't have a good feeling about this


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