Some people asked about Spy Call / Auto Answer



  • Debmooren Abs

    Joe, your about the biggest JOKE for the so called support team.  I think it's just you and a buddy who came up with this software and you can't handle all the bugs it has.  I think you are a Con Artist and I am finding a way to turn you into the Better Business Bureau and who ever I can get to listen.  It's people like you that take hard working peoples money for your own reward and give us nothing in return.  If I ever see your software in a store I will boycott the store until it is removed.  


    I would be more understanding and hang with you if YOU'D JUST BE HONEST with us and tell us what really is going on instead of robbing us all of our money. Hell you haven't comment on this site for almost 9 month,l probably because you are off vacationing on our money.  You suck as a person and are a waste of air.

  • Sheylette Haziel

    i agree

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