Ambient Not Recording for full Duration



  • Support Team

    Hi, your comment has been deleted because of our policy.  we will reply with your email in our support channel.



  • Mike M

    What Policy? I've asked for support and got none? You send me no help through emails and suggest I come here. I post a question here, and its unanswered. 
    So continue to have Ambient recording for only 2-3 second files despite letting it record for 5-10 min.

    Been with TruthSpy a long time, cant see a renewal this time. 

  • redrock

    have the same issue 

    hope truthspy responds 


  • Slipperywhenwet6996

    I am also having same problem. No technical support. Been with a long time also, will not be renewing at this time either.

  • Mike M

    I have to be fair to Truthspy, and say I have finally been contacted directly, and told the ticket has been 'elevated' to a tech department.

    I still have a month left of my license, so want to see if they can stabilize or resolve the issue. Its honestly been working much more consistent since I re-installed it a few days ago.

  • Mike M

    Its been a couple weeks, and my 3month license is coming to an end in early Jan.

    Most of the Truthspy is working pretty good. But most of the Ambient recordings are only 2sec long still, despite how long I am recording.

    After a few 2-3 sec ones, I will get one that records normal, and its like 5+ min, or however long I'd been recording.

    I'm unsure if Truthspy has the issue, or its not always able to communicate with the phone.
    But I have done everything on my end I can. I know the target S6 has internet (12 GB data plan), I have tuned off app and battery saver, and given system service permission to use data plan in background.

    Please let me know if yuou have ideas, or an update. I'm using Android 7.0 Galaxy S6


  • Mike M

    Just an update - Its Dec 21st now. Nothing to report, no improvements in Ambient. Sometimes it works, most of the time not. 
    Still getting 2-3 sec clips.

    On Dec 16, Tech support offered me a 2wk extension while dealing with this issue. Thought it was nice to offer.
    I've sent four screenshots of my control panel, showing them my expiration is still Jan 3 and not changing.

    They keep telling me, the extension has "now" been applied. Its a great software when working, but as far as tech support, I just picture someone laughing at my emails and playing games with me.

    I guess I seek out an alternative soon. Sad.

  • Myra Bruner

    Ambient Recording worked a couple of times but doesn't any more & hasn't for some time. Have the same problem as everyone else with support. I think they answered my questions twice. I'm also having a problem with Phone Call Recording. Sometimes conversations that last several minutes will show recorded but there won't be any data when exported. I know the target phone has internet & that the feature is turned on & all the other suggestions shown on the website. So, how do I get these problems corrected?

  • Mike M

    @ Myra. Just to update. I shopped around, and found another called Ownspy. Seems to be pretty solid.
    Its Ambient works, but isnt as clear as TruthSpy.

    Others I found, were way too expensive. So caved and renewed with TruthSpy.

    The GSP, and SMS always work great. The call recoding 'usually' works, and since reinstalling it to my GalaxyS6 (Nougat) found that the Ambient was sometimes recording normally. 

    But found the last couple weeks of April, I'm back to getting 2-3 sec clips from a 10min worth of Ambient recording.

    This could be an amazing product if they answered tech questions, and addressed these bugs.

  • Beverly Baker

    Can someone help me

  • Beverly Baker

    Can someone help me

  • sandeepv627

    I have same problem. Ambient voice recording fails to work after 2-3 days of normal functioning. Not working for whatsaap history also.
    No response from customer care service.

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