Activating a license




  • True Facts

    Need a contact to Talk to. Having little difficulty

  • Gldarkunholiesthalo

    Gold not active

  • Gldarkunholiesthalo

    Your TheTruth - 1 Month - GOLD order is complete (#13503782)

  • Gldarkunholiesthalo

    That was yesterday

  • Beckakc1977

    I am having the exact same thing as Gldarkunholiesthalo and my "trial" ends tonight!! Am I going to lose my account when the trial ends?

  • Beckakc1977

    I never received an email either, but my credit card was charged so I know it went through!

  • Elliott Clubb71

    So how did you get it to start working... I have no idea..and my card was charged also... Tys

  • Kimclarke1956

    Wow... I guess that I am not the first person to experience this...

    Has anyone received refunds?

  • Nrao1088

    I have parched gold still not renewal kindly help me what should I do

  • Anuradhayadav1

    Premium service is not activated. Amount got deducted

  • Nrao1088

    Don't renewal this account no body will be lettering

  • Petar Arabadzhiev

    I paid for a premium account but still am the standard one? they sent me this message.
    Dear Petar Arabadzhiev,

    Thank you for your recent purchase!

    We are currently reviewing your order. Unfortunately, our team was not able to reach you on the phone number your provided.

    In order to verify your order and successfully process it, we kindly ask you to send us a phone number where you can be contacted.
    As soon as we receive your confirmation, via phone, your order will be finalized and you can start enjoying your purchased product(s).

    Kind regards,
    the PayPro Sales Team

  • Kalpahazarika

    New not updeat history

  • amit malik

    I purchased ur premium package but still do not have the access on target phone. Plz fix it or refund my money

  • Alwayssunnyinpowhatan

    I received an already used key. I can't activate my gold membership. I will file a stop payment, the charge went through.... Help me out

  • Petar Arabadzhiev

    hello, why, after I've paid for a 90 day gold account, I only have one that has already expired. in one word I paid 77$a month

  • jia jiva

    i am ready to pay gold ..but my visa card and paypal declined the transaction..could anyone help me to renew licence..its very very urgent pls

  • jia jiva

    any resellers or any bank transfer option for renewal...if so pls let me knw..if possible can i get any contact nos for assistance

  • Winter Novak

    I paid for premium and have no activation code. Already got the email from paypro money deducted. I will stop payment please help

  • Cristian Banciu

    Hello. I paid for gold license and after 15 hours i stii have trial version. I hope you didn't stole my money

  • Pradeep nayak

    Hi how can get a standard and how to pay

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