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No Facebook messages



  • Tonymiddleton28

    How do I see the messages from Facebook Messenger if that is there default

  • Florin Dan


    How do I see facebook messages and what ???

    We mention the rest can see them.

    the target device is a samsung a5 2017.

    when I installed my app on my device I show the
    root: Yes
    gps: No.

  • Jsvillane

    There's no Facebook History...

  • Samuelweld

    I having exact same problem why isn't technical support answering anybody I submitted my own tickets obviously they don't watch their own forums. Maybe they will give us credit with 10% interest for all the time it hasn't worked. Or maybe if everyone of us having the same problem starts listing badd reviews because all over the Web they might do something about it .I know that's my next move. I'm gonna be putting it on all my blogs , Facebook account, kik and WhatsApps as an advertisement.

  • Samuelweld

    Then when people stop subscribing to their service in demand all their money back they might start fixing the problem or answering somebody when they request support


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