No phone call recording files




  • Tulsiengineering229

    Dear sir
    I just need voice recording calls and WhatsApp messages only.
    Both are not available in the trail pack
    How can I am renewing / purchase the app.
    Plz provide both quires by sampling then I go to purchase the golden app

  • Sameer nijam shaikh

    Sir how to track key pad device

  • Tharyc

    suddenly phone call recordings and ambient voice recordings are not longer working please let me know what is happening

  • Imran Shan

    Dear sis i already sent msg to your team. The problem what i have is call recording, i can only hear the voice of target device not from the caller. Can you please fix the issue or advice me how to fix it.

  • Zagel911

    تسجيل المكالمات لايعمل

  • Zagel911

    ولا استطيع قراة جميع رسائل الواتس اب

  • fr ida

    Sir I can't get data update. Nothing show.
    Only first day sum msg n call log show.
    After that I get nothing record .
    I buy gold plan from 3rd November.
    But it shows nothing update.
    Plz if it not work plz refund mye.
    My money.

  • fr ida

    Because near about one week it nothing shows

  • fr ida

    N I make u about this

  • RC7

    Since last Thursday when you have the incident and lost info of your customers, my phone call recordings are not working!! I have sent you a lot of messages, you said that the technical team will investigate....nothing since then!!!! You are losing your clients in this way!!!! I am paying for gold package especially for phone call recordings!!! Fix the issue!!

  • Paramedicsean

    These problems are non stop for years now.. This is fraud. We're paying for month of service and lucky to get a week of use of app. We should band together and file class action laesuit

  • Whatzupaltaf


    My target device was linked to my account perfectly at 6 PM IST. But then the Ambient Voice Recording data suddenly disappeared. I reported the issue. At that time other features were working fine, like call recording history, photo history etc. But now it is showing that my target device is not linked. This is a very critical issue. Nobody removed the device from the account. You guys have to sort this out. My GOLD license have still 10 days remaining on it.If their is some major problem with your database then at least reply back with a positive message so that I as a customer can be assured that you guys are looking into it. 

  • Mattcross34

    same thing happened to me. still no response


  • Joan

    I have exactly the same problem. I have emailed the "support team" several times today with no response

  • Airanaira190

    Yes I also face same problem. Please slove it

  • Jenna Kasumi

    No call recordings? If I am paying for a service I expect that service...if the problem continues I want my money back or extend my licence for the days that it wasn't working correctly!

  • RC7

    After numerous emails to help desk they fixed the call recordings issue for 1 day!!!! Since yesterday is not working again!! This is so frustrating!!!and of course that nobody is telling when the issue will be fixed or if they are reimbursed you the money for the days when it was not working!! I am paying the gold package only for these recordings!!

  • Yaor10

    Hola tengo el mismo problema desde que término el periodo de prueba gratuito, una vez renové el golf dejo de llegarme información es decir llevo 10 días sin recibir un solo dato... Espero que una vez solicionen el problema me lo hagan saber porque mi licencia es de 30 días de los cuales no he disfrutado ni uno.

  • RC7

    So, it happened 1 month ago, 24 days ago, last week and again yesterday!! I have no phone call recordings, no SMS history, no call history.....guys, you have a problem with the system and you have to fix it ASAP!!!! I need my info, I am paying for gold package for nothing?

  • shubhamkumar3311

    No call recordings? If I am paying for a service I expect that service...if the problem continues I want my money back or extend my licence for the days that it wasn't working correctly

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