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Auto-Answer (Spy-Call) feature does not work



  • Mjb32068

    We pay you for this service... Please fix these issues asap or I will be inclined not to renew my Gold membership. Record calling is also not working on target phone anymore.

  • sudhanshu

    plesase help why are you not resolving issue

  • Hundt1982

    please help ne, why are you not resolving issue

  • Debmooren Abs

    You're asking for help to fix the ambient voice recording issue? Good luck, I've been emailing and asking for help since June and still nothing. No response at all except the automated one that tells you someone will get back to you and they never do.  WHY?  We pay good hard money for this service.  My son's been having trouble at school so I was monitoring his phone and last month I couldn't and he got very badly beat up and I could not help him since I wasn't aware of it until after the fact. If my ambient voice recorder was working like it used to then I would of heard what was going on and done something.  PLEASE FIX MY DAMN AMBIENT VOICE RECORDING before I start filing complaints with the FCC and BBB.  I've had enough of dishonet con men who don't care about anything except taking our money.  If they can't fix this then they aren't as smart as they'd like us all to believe they are.They're just a couple geeks, definately not "Hackers" or they could fix something as simple as this.

  • Hundt1982

    I have also repeatedly sent messages to the support and never get any feedback! that bothers me so much, but what can we do about it? I'm from Germany and my English is not very good. do you know another service that works better?
    I hope your son is well again and is not afraid to go to school?
    I am looking forward to your answer! my e-mail is
    maybe we write about it ?!
    Best regards

  • Grditabnita

    Mine not working either. It's pretty annoying we'r pay for this and nobody ever fixes anything. That's not cool at all. I spend $30 a month for a program with tons of glitches. It might be my last month.


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