Do not see Whatsapp messages




  • Akinola Modupe

    I do not see WhatsApp and Facebook messages

  • Kamal

    I can't see whats up and Facebook message

  • Kamal


  • Daddy Doody

    I can't see whatsapp messages and facebook

  • Daddy Doody

    Help me to solve how to spy whatsapp messages. There is no problem for call history , messages and gps. Help me hiw to check whatsapp messages

  • Jurhos

    Hi, you guys dont respond to mesasges. Why? 

    Most of the features dont work and no response?

  • assad khan

    My whatsup history not function

  • Pravin Veer

    Mr.joe how is it active what's up money is totally lose u cant resovle this issue

  • Pravin Veer

    I can't see what's up massage

  • assad khan

    Pravin veer...we face the same issue...
    N wasting money as well..
    So bad customer service as well..
    Im really disapointed...

  • Joyce Josephine

    I can't see the WA message

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